As a software engineer one of my favourite ways to learn is to attend conferences and hear from amazing speakers on how they solve software enginering problems.

With it being a year since I was last able to attend an event in person I thought I would write a post about my favourite talks I have seen.

5. Getting more from Git — Alice Bartlett

Git is a tool we use every day as developers and the way in which we use it can have a big impact on how our teams interact with our code. …

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As a software engineer, I spend most of my time writing JavaScript, and by extension I find myself working with JavaScript Objects on a daily basis.

These objects can range in origin, from objects I create to store data myself through to responses to API Requests I have made. What the JavaScript Objects I work with usually have in common however is that I will at some point need to manipulate them in some way.

In order to do this, I have learnt many tricks I can use to make working with these JavaScript Objects easier and today I wanted…

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Today I wanted to share some JavaScript features which you should be using in your everyday code but might have missed in the many updates JavaScript has received in the past few years.

1. JavaScript string padding

If you were working in the JavaScript ecosystem back in 2016 you will probably remember the left-pad incident.

In summary, there was a JavaScript package on NPM that could be used to pad a string with extra characters, it was removed from NPM and as it was depended on by many packages it caused a domino effect breaking software builds all over the world.

While NPM fixed…


The next coding exercise I want to complete for my 100 days of code journey with Go Lang is the Longest Substring with Non Repeating Characters exercise.

For this exercise, when we are given a string, we should find the longest sub string (a set of characters that make up part of the original string) which has no repeating characters. If the string were testing then the longest substring with no repeating characters would be esting as the letter that repeats is the t at the beggining.

The approach we are going to take to solving this is as follows:


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The next coding exercise I want to complete for my 100 days of code journey with Go Lang is the Fibonacci Number exercise.

To start with what is a Fibonacci number? a fibonacci number is a number that is equal to the value of the previous 2 Fibonacci numbers. The start of this sequence therefore looks this 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.

The approach we are going to take to solving this is as follows:

  • Request the nth value the user is looking for
  • Loop through each of the Fibonacci numbers until we reach the…


Having spent yesterday looking at how to write the code for Fizz Buzz in Go Lang I thought I would continue with the typical code test questions and today write a go lang method that takes two words and returns whether they are an anagram of one another.

To do this we first need to understand what an Anagram is. A word is an anagram of another word if it contains all the same letters. For example listen is an anagram of silent.

The approach we are going to take to solving this is as follows:

  • Request 2 strings from…


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Having spent time learning about how to build and deploy an application to Kubernetes I thought I would take some time in my next few days of learning to look at some common coding exercises you get in interviews and how we would solve them in Go Lang.

For my first of these coding exercises I thought I would try the famous Fizz Buzz. In Fizz Buzz, the program prints the numbers 1 to 100 except when the number is divisible by 3 or 5. In these circumstances we do the following:

  • If the number is divisible by 3 we…


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During my #100DaysOfCode journey so far I have been learning about how to build web applications in #golang.

In my last post I played around with building a Docker image to containerise my Go Lang web application. In this post I want to take this further go further and deploy my application to production.


Before we get started there is a couple of prerequisites that you will need to be able to follow along yourself.

Push Docker container image to a container repository

In our last post we built a Docker…

I normally write articles about writing code itself however when I am not coding I do love to watch TV and I kind of have a soft spot for TV shows that feature software engineers. I therefore thought I would write a short post covering some of my favourite shows in this area.

Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire is an interesting show in that it tells the history of the 80’s through to the 90’s technology revolutions in a very dramatised way.

Rather than be an accurate take on the events that happened during that time, it is loosely based on…

ES 2021
ES 2021

Since the EcmaScript specifications changed to be released in yearly updates we have grown to love the yearly updates of new features we can use in JavaScript. The updates we see in 2021 are no slouch, with the logical assignment operator, Promise.any, and numerical separators being the highlights.

In this post, we will look at some of the new features and talk about how they can help you write better more maintainable JavaScript.

1. String.prototype.replaceAll

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